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Ashes In The Snow Free Download HD 720p

Ashes In The Snow Free Download HD 720pAshes In The Snow Free Download HD 720p


Ashes In The Snow Free Download in HD 720p (863 MB) ↓


Ashes In The Snow Free Download HD 720p.Without giving out the spoilers, it’s not possible to say much. But look, I was sitting in the packed cinema hall and I had to sniff again when one of the bad guys started to smoke as I could smell the tobacco burning. And then, when there was a snowstorm, it felt like they turned the heating off. That’s a first for me.

Yes, it is close to home – I’m Estonian, so the scenario was the same in my country as it was in Lithuania. And in Latvia. And in Ukraine, and so on. Just replace the nazis SS with the communists NKVD and you get it why I referred to the Schindler’s List. Brilliant acting, brilliant cinematography, everything worked really well together. Thanks! Please indulge yourselves and get some real cinema experience.A story of Lithuania, or other Baltic states is usually unseen, somewhere in the sidelines. Howeve this movie brings it forward and it’s captivating, also cinematographically very beautiful. Could not hold back tears during the movie, but would watch it again and definitely recommend it. I hope this movie reaches the attention it deserves.I have cried most of the movie – so touching and sensitive it is. Most of Lithuanians are well aware of the facts: people banishment to Siberia, their horrible travel and terrible living conditions there, deaths, illnesses, we’ve read books, we have listened stories of survivors. But to see this story on screen is as hard, as empowering – this trauma our nation carries through generations it keeps us strong and it keeps vulnerable at the same time.

The music is powerful and making cry – the national hymn in one of most unexpected and yet most reasoned place has left everybody I talked just speechless and breathless. I can understand, if for someone who is not familiar with our history, the movie might seem not so touching or important, but for us, Lithuanians it is. Ashes In The Snow Free Download HD 720p Ashes in the Snow Free Movies Download

Ashes In The Snow Free Download HD 720p

Original title
Ashes in the Snow
Marius A. Markevicius
Aistė Diržiūtė, Bel Powley, Greg Kolpakchi, Jonah Hauer-King, Lisa Loven Kongsli, Martin Wallström, Nadja Bobyleva, Sam Hazeldine, Sophie Cookson, Tom Sweet
Release Date
11 Jan 2019
98 min
USA, Lithuania
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